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Deal Scouts

If you come across a great business, we'd love to hear about it
​Our “friends & family” approach to finding great businesses goes back to our roots – the first business that we bought was referred to Alex by a friend. Heritage Point loves referrals, and we continue to find that promising deals – and lasting relationships – are born out of personal introductions.

Historically, we received informal referrals and chose to pay finders fees.  Our Deal Scout Program was created to extend this “shared success” philosophy to a larger group of collaborators -- individuals who can extend our vision by identifying promising businesses. 

How it works

1. Sign up as a Deal Scout below

2. When you find a promising business, refer it to the Heritage Point team and introduce us to the owner

3. If we close the deal, we’ll send you a Giant Check ($50,000)

We enjoy getting to know our Deal Scouts and looking for great companies together.  We also periodically engage with our Deal Scout Network when looking for operators and industry experts. 


Join The Program
Submit A Deal

Submit a Deal

Know a great business?  Share it!

Have a deal for us?  Generally, receiving a Referral Fee requires that:

  1. The company is a business that Heritage Point hasn’t previously been presented with and is new to our database of companies

  2. At least one of the following:

  • You know the company owner and she/he is interested in selling in the next 2-3 years

  • You don't know the owner but believe the business may be a good candidate for a sale (please reference our Investment Criteria)

  • You have an industry-related / thematic idea and a list of specific targets (ideally high-growth businesses with recurring revenue)

For additional information and more specifics on requirements to receive a Referral Fee, please Join Us as a Deal Scout and review our handbook.

To get started, please send us your idea below.  Alternatively, you may email us at

Are you able to provide a warm introduction to the business owner?

Thanks for submitting!

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