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Why Work With Us

Our Values

We are business builders. We focus on the long-term and never risk reputation or relationships for short-term gains.

No assholes. We are not jerks. Not to sellers. Not to partners. Not to customers. Not to each other.

We are radically candid. We communicate directly but with care. We are transparent and frank in our dealings.

We are committed to delivering exceptional returns. Successful businesses need exceptional products; our product is our returns.

No primadonnas. We’re a small business. We deal with small businesses. Everyone can take out the trash.

We like our jobs and are good at them. Life’s too short not to find joy in your work. If teammates aren’t thriving, we work to find a solution.



Matt Hale_webp.png

"In the summer of 2014, a friend of mine shared a deal with me. I wasn't interested in it, forwarded it on to Alex and then forgot about it. In June of 2015, Alex called me up and asked for my address for where to mail a check to. I had completely forgotten that I had sent him a deal, but after he closed it he still reached out to pay me a finder's fee. I was shocked. The finders fee was a substantial amount of money. I sent the deal to Alex because he was my friend. I never would have expected anybody, without a contract, to voluntarily give me such a big finder's fee. This truly speaks to his character."

Matt Hale, President, Apex Dental Partners

Why Work With Us

Let’s face it, working at this end of the market is just different. Small business owners often have to deal with unprofessional and non-serious buyers. This can be a huge waste of everybody’s time. We’re different. 

We have committed capital.

We have a fund and we require no authorization to call capital.

We cut to the chase.

We're direct and we don't play games - full stop.

We're humans. We know you are too.

You are dealing with another person, not an Excel robot. We understand that business, like life, is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We speak English, not Private Equity-ese. We stick to a “no assholes” rule for ourselves and our partners, and we work to get a fair and efficient deal; not to squeeze every penny.

We're flexible

We don’t have a cookie cutter approach. Every seller is different. In every deal, problems come up. They just do. We'll work with you to creatively solve them.

We're fast.

That’s it. We’re fast. Really fast.

We're experienced. We'll help the business grow.

We’ve done this many times before, and along the way, we’ve built a network of experienced professionals that we’re proud to work with. From outsourced CFOs to digital transformation experts to marketing agencies to recruiters; we’ll send in our A-team to help the company achieve its goals. This isn’t our first rodeo. We have a playbook that works (and some scar tissue from what doesn’t).

People just like working with us.

We’re in this for the long run – we treat people like we’d like to be treated. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because we plan on working with you again. But don’t take our word for it, reference check us. Call any of the sellers or bankers we’ve worked with; call any of the CEOs we’re backing.

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